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Kolokacja 18-36 RU

80,00 zł tax excl.

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We provide around-the-clock technical support
55 629 85 85
Warranty service availability SLA SLA 99,5%
The cost of renting a single module in a cabinet colocation for one month 80 zł
The minimum amount of the purchased space in the closet colocation 18 RU
Flat rate for electricity consumption,
the power supply to 450W

Settlement of energy based on actual consumption rate per 1 kWh

0,54 zł
The number of outlets C13 10A 8
The number of outlets C19 16A 12
Maximum power installed devices to 4,4 kW

The scope of services includes:

  • Making space in standard 19 "rack (600x1000);
  • Guaranteed Energy and environmental conditions;
  • Guarantee physical security, constant monitoring;
  • Warranty service availability SLA;
  • Accounting for electricity in the system of flat-rate or on the basis of an individual meter;
  • Network connections, wiring copper or optical;
  • Guaranteed access to the Internet 100 Mb / s, internet BGP shared;
  • Dedicated to addressing IPv4-PI (one unit);
  • Physical access to the equipment 24/7;
  • Technical service 24/7;
  • Technical assistance and support remote hands (in the availability of the service);
  • Activation of the service 24 hours from the order;
  • The minimum period of service is 3 months.

The service is billed as a subscription fee, which includes: service charge basic fee for electricity and charge for any additional options. The amount of the basic fee depends on the amount of rented space and is calculated as a multiple unit 1RU (single space in the rack). The fee for electricity consumption is accounted for in two versions: a flat rate based on the power of installed devices or based on the reading of individual electricity meter (offered as an additional service).


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Gwarancja dostępności usługi SLA 99.5%
Kosz pojedynczego modułu / miesiąc 80zł
Minimalna ilość wykupionego miejsca 18RU
Ryczałt energii elektrycznej (zasilacz do 450W) n.d.
Rozliczenie energii na podstawie faktycznego zużycia, stawka za 1kWh 0.54zł
Liczba gniazd zasilających C13 10A 8
Liczba gniazd zasilających C19 16A 12
Maksymalna moc zainstalowanych urządzeń do 4.4 kW

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Kolokacja 18-36 RU

Kolokacja 18-36 RU

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