Flexible billing model
The fee for computing power, without transfer fees.
Any package with the offer on 6-MCY for free with a contract for one year
Scaler resources
Resources on demand, monitor resource consumption,
portability of computing power
between servers in the cloud.
Microsoft (SPLA) for 60 days for free (later monthly fee for renting a license)
Ready solutions
Ready-made templates to run no more
than 3 minutes
Each record in the contract shall be subject to negotiations in order to compose for you the best package
No transfer limit
There are no restrictions on the amount of data
sent and received.
For start-up
a) not older than 1 year
b) acting in the Internet market
Managing cloud from anywhere
The intuitive interface, available on
mobile devices.
Each new client brought = 3 months of the new package for free (after 1 year)
Flexible and secure infrastructure
Flexible and easy migration between
clouds: public, private, hybrid.

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